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searching for various educational blogs which will give me ideas in helping me become a better teacher i came across a blog which i thought was interesting. i came across

More Focus on Psychological Impact of Digital Media?

by Ian Quillen which it debated whether or not the incorporation of technology helps or hinders children ‘s learning process. An examined study of technology usage with young children shows obsession through the course of  the years and learning process.  Another experience from Paul Barnwell suggest that educational technology has overstimulated and distracted students. As a prospective teacher I would incorporate the technology in moderation in the classroom setting that way i wouldn’t always be dependent on it and i can give students a mental break from consuming their minds with the technology.

The focus as a teacher is to draw that distinction between using the technology to teach and for cognitive learning and adverse over consumption with the use of the technology.a blogger by the name of wilfredomorell suggest as a techer it is not the technology itself which affect students mental health but the content which leads to the adverse affect which is the video games and other noneducational endeavors associated with the technology.As a teacher it is up to me to monitor the content which takes place within my class so that is something i have to be mindful of what technology students are using .

I was interested in this piece because it critically examined technology and how it incorporated into education. It gave insight on what lead to adverse affects in students learning and cognitive function in over consumption, overstimulation and the negatives of overexposure to video games. This will help me with getting my connection with peers because based on those experience i can give feedback to whether their experiences are the same as mine and what improvements can be made if those experiences encountered can be improved.


My Vision of College Today

Using Technology to improve learning

My vision of college today incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is the wave of the newer generation and is critical in guiding the learning experience for students because most of their lives evolve around technology and so does the society that we live in.

students lives are driven by technology so why not their education

Using technology in the classroom gives students a visualization where they can follow along with the teacher as they are going over the material. In some instances this is almost like one on one with the students because as she is going over the material, students can see and ask questions regarding what they are seeing and other students who may have similar questions can follow along.

Check out this futuristic vision on how i see vision college today…  you will enjoy it

Out with the old dusty chalk board and chalk and in with the new interactive whiteboard… so now students can feel like their learning is interactive and is guided by their own intrigue. This will encourage more learning and help teachers teach and guide student’s knowledge of the subject.

Bridging the gap in education with technology

In todays progressive society in technology teachers implement technology into the classes which gives students a practical experience in the course curriculum.Through technology teachers guide students learning instead of telling students what they should learn. students learn from critical thinking and how the topic relates back to themselves. Technology in the class breaks from the traditional setting of education because there are more tools to model what students should be looking for within the topic.

In the article ” A Survey of Surgical Simulation: Applications, technology, and Education

Liu, A & et al. (2003) states ” Simulators provide a structured learning experience, permitting practice without danger to patients, and simulators facilitate the teaching of rare or unusual cases… simulators can also be used to provide an objective assessment of skills (pg.599). Technology can assimilate real life situations in learning friendly environment. Students skills can be  assessed with how proficient they solve a problem or complete lesson objectives.