My Vision of College Today

Using Technology to improve learning

My vision of college today incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is the wave of the newer generation and is critical in guiding the learning experience for students because most of their lives evolve around technology and so does the society that we live in.

students lives are driven by technology so why not their education

Using technology in the classroom gives students a visualization where they can follow along with the teacher as they are going over the material. In some instances this is almost like one on one with the students because as she is going over the material, students can see and ask questions regarding what they are seeing and other students who may have similar questions can follow along.

Check out this futuristic vision on how i see vision college today… ¬†you will enjoy it

Out with the old dusty chalk board and chalk and in with the new interactive whiteboard… so now students can feel like their learning is interactive and is guided by their own intrigue. This will encourage more learning and help teachers teach and guide student’s knowledge of the subject.