step in the name of school

As a k-12 prospective teacher keeping the students interest, while learning, and being innovative is quite challenging. My video blog is a spin off from an already existing dancing game which as a prospective physical educator keeps the students active while challenging them academically in school. How the activity would be played is that there is 9 designated box areas on the card board and the students have a chance to write down the topic or subjects in school which are least favorable for them. upon writing the subjects down they would place the cute out squares onto the cardboard then i would number each square 1 to 9. While the music is playing or i count down from 30 on a stop watch i will call out the numbered square to be stepped on in a rapid pace to keep students physically active and focusing on the next box to step in. If they make a mistake of stepping in the wrong box 3 or more times, it would be mandatory for students to write a 3 page paper on the subject they will have to improve upon. If they make a mistake in stepping in wrong box 2 times students will have to write a page in a half, and 1 time they will only have to explain to me for 5 minutes how they will improve upon the subject they selected as the least favorable in school.

let me know what you guys think of the concept…..


7 thoughts on “step in the name of school

  1. I really like this idea a lot. It’s very nurturing and helpful to the community, etc. I really like incorporating music into this. Music I think is the soundtrack of life. The idea that I do think is great is the fact that you are working with them together collaborating things that they don’t like and they feel that they need to work on. You never see someone talk about working on things they don’t like. This is something to make every student happy as well as active and help encourage more participation. This is a win win situation because in the end, it only serves a positive effect and improvements in facing their personal obstacle. Nice job.

  2. I think this is a really awesome idea! It is a wonderful way to get the students to work on the areas that they need help at without telling them “OK now you need to do this because you are doing poorly”. By adding music and getting them to move around they are going to look forward to doing it again because it incorporates a little fun and then work. Which is what educators should try and do, incorporate fun and learning. I can’t wait to see the end product=) cool.

  3. thanks everyone with more time and tools to draw upon i can improve on the idea so it can be more eye appealing lol.

  4. this is very cool man! I have never seen this in any p.e classes so i think you would be bringing something innovative to the table. Cant wait to see the finished product.

  5. Hey, I’m going to be honest at first I was wondering where this was going but I get it now, this activity is going to allow students to work in areas that they are doing poorly in, I like it, especially with music. I also think this will be a great opportunity for students to be engaged and have fun all at the same time, this is creative and I think its a good idea, Good Job !

  6. Hey Mob,

    I love the approach and love that you incorporated music to your lesson/project. Music can always be used as a tool to engage/encourage kids. It serves as a way to connect with them. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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