Can you catch the tune of this song






This is one of the 1st songs i have learned musically this is an assignment

Make Music Damn it that i have done drom the ds106 website

i got this video from Youtube and i used this particular video because it is a musical song that everyone can relate to and it may not be as creative but it hit close to home with those who has grown up and watched a developmental show such as seasame street.

How i can incorporate this into a class is by telling students to create or use a video which they can relate to musically growing up and motivates them. This assignment will have students connect music which motivates them or helped i their developmental process then explain it.

This is the same reason why i have selected seasame street because almost everyone has grown up to the television show and the theme song is a musical peace which can bring you back to one of the first musical songs i have learned.



3 thoughts on “Can you catch the tune of this song

  1. I love this song. I think this is seriously one of the cutest collaboration of video and music with the theme song of Sesame Street. I’m a huge fan of it and I grew up watching it. This is so adorable. I really like it. Great job.

  2. OMG I love this song, this is also one of the first songs that I learned, my dad always jokes how much I loved big bird. 🙂

  3. I cannot relate much, because I spend most of my childhood I’m my native country, but I do understand the purpose of your post. This is one sons favorite song too.

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